A complementary and operational team

Philippe Deschamps

Engineer, 8 years of Lean Innovation and Design Thinking practice, more than 20 years of marketing experience. Philippe has spent most of his career serving and listening to customers in various industrial fields and in the management of technical and commercial projects.

Philippe assumes the presidency of the SAS through an Executive Committee.

Clémentine Benoit
Technical Director

PhD in Grenoble Inp, Clémentine is a researcher in the field of electrical distribution networks for 6 years. Her research focuses on the application of mathematical tools to various network problems.

Clémentine is responsible for Odit-e’s R & D.

Michel Clemence
Marketing Director

Six years of Lean Innovation and Design Thinking practice, 11 years in B2B Marketing from product leading to product range leading, 10 years in development and technical leading of innovative products.

Michel adapts the Odit-e Offers’ Roadmap from the company strategy and the identified customer needs. He also assumes the operational marketing.

Albert Gonzalez
Commercial Director

Graduated from the UPC Barcelona, Albert has held multiple functions in the field of distribution grids’ equipment, particularly in marketing, trade, and management of commercial and industrial units.

Albert assumes the commercial development of the company. He is based in Barcelona.

Sylvain Clot
Operations Director

Engineer, 5 years in LV networks’ advanced features in France and Spain.

Sylvain assumes the operational direction: costing, management of field operations, production of reports, management of the computing platform, etc.)

Jean Wild
Financial and Administrative Director

Jean has held technical expertise and technical management positions throughout his career.

Jean oversees the administrative and financial aspects of Odit-e, and is also involved in the actions of prescriptions which are conducted towards the public actors in France.

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